Blakeney, North Norfolk

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Blakeney Walking Trail: The Arts Society Glaven Valley

Blakeney is the perfect place for a meander with its vistas over the salt marshes and picturesque flint and brick houses. A marvellous new trail details its medieval past, port and buildings for visitors and locals alike to enjoy. The village is best known for its natural beauty and tranquility. However, although now largely a tourist village, it also holds a remarkably rich history. With everything from fascinating folklore and striking buildings to tales of trade, piracy and smuggling, there’s more to Blakeney than meets the eye. The Blakeney Trail takes you to 14 locations around the village where you can see and experience its history. Find out about the intriguing story behind the village sign, how the village was an important trading centre in medieval times and much more.

You can download a copy of the Trail from the Arts Society website at or by using a QR code that you will find on the Trail notice board in the car park at Blakeney Village Hall NR25 7PG.

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Blakeney Walking Trail

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