Cromer Crab

north norfolk's top foods

North Norfolk has some of the best fresh, seasonal produce you'll find anywhere, from Brancaster mussels, to Cromer crab to artisan cheeses, as well as the best malting barley in the country. Find out more about our top foods of north Norfolk.



Cromer crab: North Norfolk is most famous for its Cromer crab. The reason they're so good is that the crabs feed off the unique chalk reef just off the coast at Cromer, producing the sweet taste the crab is so famous for. The special nature of a Cromer crab is that the minimum legal shell span of Cromer crab (115mm) is smaller than any other UK crab, which makes Cromer crabs, really flavoursome! As well as being tasty, the crabs are healthy too – they have a high proportion of white meat, full of Omega-3 and low in fat. The crabs taste great with a squeeze of lemon, black pepper, a and a sprinkle of smoked paprika on bread, with cucumber or avocado. Cromer crabs are usually available from around April. In May, you can head to the Crab and Lobster festival in Cromer and Sheringham where this delicacy is celebrated.
Cromer Crab
Brancaster mussels: The mussels caught locally are large in size and incredibly tender. They are collected when they're young, and moved to beds in the tidal creeks, where they are left to mature before harvesting. To prepare, steam lightly in white wine or cider. You can often find Brancaster mussels sold by fisherman or in local shops along the A149 north Norfolk coast road in north Norfolk. Or pop into a local restaurant or pub where you’ll more than likely find them on the menu when in season.
Brancaster Mussels
Stiffkey cockles: These cockles are unique in colour. They range from a dark grey to pale mauve which is due to their habitat – a little way under the sand and mud. Best eaten steamed or boiled and eaten with pepper and vinegar, or put in pies and soup.
Stiffkey Cockles
Samphire: This delicious sea vegetable, also known as sea asparagus, thrives in tidal salt marshes in north Norfolk. Not only is samphire incredibly delicious, but it’s good for you too! It has almost no fat, and is packed with essential minerals, including potassium, magnesium, sodium and calcium. You can use samphire fresh in salads or serve it steamed or boiled and dip in melted butter, to be eaten like asparagus. It’s an ideal accompaniment to fish dishes. Asparagus in north Norfolk is another tasty Spring season vegetable and you can often buy it from little stalls parked in lay-bys. Both are usually best in May.
Norfolk black turkey: This healthy and versatile meat is great food for any time of the year. Historically, Norfolk is known for its poultry production because left over grain from the arable harvest was used to feed the birds. Black turkeys were brought over in 16th Century, when Spanish explorers returned from Mexico with them and the turkeys thrived on the flat, fertile plains of Norfolk.
Norfolk Black Turkey

Cheese: Made locally and from local cows and goats, some of the finest cheeses come from north Norfolk. Try Norfolk Mardler and the range of Mrs Temples Cheeses including Binham Blue, Walsingham, Copys Cloud, Gurney’s Gold, Wighton and Wells Alpine.


North Norfolk Cheese

Fish and chips: A typical seaside food, we have some of the best fish and chip shops in north Norfolk! Often using locally caught, seasonal seafood, it’s a must on any visit.


Fish & Chips

Beer: The best malting barley in the country is grown in north Norfolk where the salty sea frets (mists) and warm climate make ideal growing conditions resulting in the tastiest real ale! Norfolk, as a county, has most microbreweries of any county in the country.



Locally produced beer