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The deep history coast Mobile App

The Deep History Coast mobile App brings the past back to life before your very eyes! Let a hominin family take you on a tour, see the West Runton Steppe mammoth in its environment, play games and collect items for your virtual journal - all at the touch of a button!

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DHC app

Watch as the latest technology of augmented reality brings the past back to life with an exciting App. Ideal for all ages, the Deep History Coast App will take you on a journey back in time, letting you experience life tens of thousands of years ago. 

Begin your Deep History Coast journey along the Discovery Trail with the Hominin family, who will take visitors on a journey back in time and tell the story of what life in Doggerland was like for them. There are ten App-led walks along the 36km of coastline from Weybourne to Cart Gap where you will find eleven Discovery Points. At each of the Discovery Points you can trigger the app via the Hominin icon and see early man and his family in their natural environment as they interact with you and become your very own tour guide!

At key viewing points, the App will transform the current landscape into 360 degree views of Doggerland and each walk will give visitors the chance to ‘collect’ virtual treasurers along the route which are stamped into their own collectors’ journal. Don’t forget to take a selfie with our augmented reality animals and share it on social media via the app or directly to #DeepHistoryCoast.

Young explorers will be able to take part in the mammoth puzzle game, where they have to recreate a mammoth skeleton. An easy fossil identification element will help identify fossils and artefacts that can be found on the beaches. There is also information about where to stay, where to eat and what else there is to do along the coast. You can also find a list of local business ambassadors who are flying the flag for the Deep History Coast, letting visitors know what they have to offer and what else there is to discover. 

Throughout the coast, there is a network of Deep History Coast business ambassadors who provide an information and advisory service. Find ACCOMMODATION and NON-ACCOMMODATION AMABASSADORS

The Deep History Coast App (Android and iOS) can be downloaded free of charge from Googleplay or the Apple store. App created by Jam Creative and funded by the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development. 

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